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“It is indeed my great honor to warmly welcome you all to the first EMIRATES NEUROLOGY VIRTUAL CONFERENCE 2021, scheduled to take place from 4-6 February. During the three-day conference, globally eminent specialists in the field of different neurological diseases will come together and share their most updated knowledge and advanced innovations.

This virtual platform provides a forum for presenting and sharing ideas at academic, conceptual and clinical levels. I sincerely thank you for all your commitments and efforts made in preparing and presenting your innovative and valuable research and findings at this meeting. I am sure there will be many new and exciting collaborations emerge from this meeting.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizing committee, scientific committee and MCO for making this meeting possible and a pleasurable experience. I wish you all great enjoyment of this meeting and much success with the presentations and forming of new collaborations.

We look forward to your support and participation in our event.”

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Suhail Abdulla Alrukn

Head of Organizing Committee
Consultant Neurology
Rashid Hospital, UAE

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